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History / Classical and More / Documents / History in the Making


American History

purA Hypertext on American History from the colonial period until Modern Times
oraAmerica's Library
bluAmerica's Picture History
purMama's Song List of Children's Songs Around the World
oraAmerican Folk Songs and More
bluAmerican Revolution--Young Students
greAmerica's Time Line
yelNational Museum of American History
purU.S. History Timeline
blu African American History
oraThe History Place
Kids Songs Online
Asian American History Timeline

World History & Global World History

bluA New World Economy
oraAfrican History

oraBritish Battles
bluBritish Empire
purBritish History Time Line
oraBritish Timeline
bluDanish History
bluEuropean Union History
greEuropean Union Lessons
yelEuropean Union Timeline
purFrench History TimeLine
yelGerman History
blu Global World
oraHistory of Russia
oraIsraeli Democracy
greHistorical Figures
yelHistory of Russia
purItalian Timeline
yelNational Women's History Project
blu One World Forum

greSpain History
bluSwedish History
purThe Acts of Democracy

oraThe Greeks
bluThe Roman's
purUkraine Preparing for the Global World
bluViking History
bluVikings The North Atlantic Saga
yelWales History
blu Who Were the Romans

Documents and More

purDigital History
oraDocuments of the Revolution of 1848 in France
bluDigital History
oraEU Documents
bluHistorical Documents France
greOur American Folk Songs
purSing Hear and See America's Story
yelSwitzerland's Primary Documents
blu The Colonists Library
oraThe History of the United Kingdom
bluUkraine Preparing for the Global World
purUniversity of VA. Library
oraUS Constitution Online and Other Documents
bluVikings History

History in the Making purArticlespurNewspurWars

purPreparing for the Global World
oraCelebrating Europe
greGlobal Policy Foreum
bluHistorical Documents

oraLinking Farmers to the Global Economy
bluThe White House
greThe Japanese Times
yelThe Japanese Timeline
The One World Order

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