diannDiann Boehm

Founder of the Internetschoolhouse. Diann saw the power of the interent in education. She immediately met with some friends and discussed the importance of bring the interent to students and prepare them for the future. How to research smart - later refered to in education as developing quality information seekers. The Internet Schoolhouse came online in 1996. One of the first schoolhouse's on the net. Diann is now a children's Author and Illustrator. Her first children series is "The Little Girl in the Moon" Second on the Series The Little Girl in the Moon and the Big Idea, The third one which is due out this summer her daughter Katherine L. Boehm has joined her with the illustrations. She has brought magic to the children's pages. Title to be announced.




Russell Schwausch,  NetMastery Director


Russell created NetMastery to  bring Internet technology to the education world through his  extensive experience working with administrators, teachers and  students.

He has worked with Diann Boehm  and the Internet Schoolhouse since its inception. He shares Diann's  vision for the future of education for our children.

He is dedicated to sharing his  expertise, guidance and experience with organizations seeking  to create their future. He will help you use modern tools and  technologies to successfully achieve your education goals.

For more information about Russell,  go to NetMastery



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